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February 2017

Diabecon: A Herbal Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as diabetes, is a metabolic disease with elevated levels of blood sugar or blood glucose over a prolonged period of time. It happens either because the pancreas does not produce adequate amounts of insulin or the… Continue Reading →

How To Get Rid Of Piles?

Hemorrhoids, generally known as piles which are heard most from the general population now a days. It can transpire at any phase of life expectancy. Be that as it may, it is for the most part observed to the general… Continue Reading →

For Bone Density and Osteoporotic Fracture: Himalaya Reosto

With each passing year, our bones get thinner and their strength decrease. However, a natural aging process, Osteoporosis is one of the most prevalent bone diseases and is a condition of fragile bones which leads to an increased risk of… Continue Reading →

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