The humble clove of garlic that is found in almost every Indian household has properties and benefits that few are acquainted with. There is a reason why Indian food is so loaded with spices and herbs; apart from adding taste and flavor they also have a lot of health benefits. Of course the way we prepare food these days which is deep fried and loaded with ghee or butter nullifies the effect of the herbs added to it and wrecks havoc on our arteries.

Garlic is a potent herb in Ayurveda, it has been used for centuries for digestive problems and heart issues. It can lower cholesterol level due to its anti-oxidant properties and regulate blood pressure and blood sugar level. This effective herb that has been in use for more than five thousand years is regarded by many as the healthiest natural substance. Its consumption can keep you hale and hearty. Talking about heart, like it was mentioned above, one of the most over stressed organ of our body is our heart. Here we are not just talking in terms of daily stress which does take a toll on our cardiovascular health but also our food intake and sedentary lifestyle.

Heart diseases are on the rise and going by statistics more and more people of a younger age group at a higher risk of strokes and other heart problems. Cutting down on healthy food, taking up an exercise regime and getting regular checks to know your cholesterol rate and blood pressure can be really useful in this situation. Another extremely effective way along with this is to take the help of herbal medicines such as Himalaya Lasuna. Loaded with the properties of garlic, this potent medicine from the Himalaya has no side effect and comes without the strong stench which is the hallmark of garlic.

This medicine is helpful in preventing hypercholesterolemia and ensures smooth coronary function, preventing cholesterol deposits on the coronary artery wall. So, take the Ayurvedic route to a healthier tomorrow and purchase Himalaya Lasuna and other such herbal medicines from the online store WOW Herbals.