In order to ensure good overall health of the body, it is really important to take good care of your skin as well. This is because the skin provides a protective layers to the cells, tissues, organs and other parts of the body. Thus, you need to take good care of your skin. Not to mention, your skin can suffer from different skin diseases and ailments due to different reasons. To tackle the skin issues and maintain a good health factor, Himalaya Herbals, a leading skin care firm, has prepared an exclusive herbal formula known as Himalaya Purim. Purim consists of all the essential ingredients that are required to provide skin with deep nourishment and get rid of the epidermal disorders.

Ayurvedic herbal formula Purim (Pure) for skin cleaning. Components purified preparation organism and eliminate internal causes of skin diseases. As it is well known that skin conditions: acne, dermatitis, boils, herpes– are only the outward manifestations of the illness, but its roots lie much deeper.
The reason for skin problems is “dirty blood.” It contains polluting toxins that the liver cannot cope with. Accumulated in the stomach, toxins that are absorbed into the blood, circulate throughout the body and come out in the form of skin problems.

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Purim Ayurvedic formulation has antimicrobial, antiseptic, healing, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory properties. Herbs belonging to the Purim were used traditionally for treating skin problems, deep blood cleanser, and improved metabolism, improve kidney, liver, and the digestive system. Eliminate the parasitic infestations and intestinal parasites, whose presence also creates skin problems.
Thus, taking Purim, on the external level, you get a healthy skin, but on the inner cleanse your body and improves the functioning of internal organs.
The therapeutic effect

  • It purifies the blood and weight loss.
  • It helps to eliminate toxins and thus, reduce fat.
  • It is used in combination with livercare for optimal detoxification.
  • It maintains healthy skin
  • It keeps the skin smooth and clean
  • Soothes the skin, eliminates irritation
  • It provides symptomatic relief from allergies and dermatitis
  • Lose weight fast
  • Treats demodicosis – defeat soft skin and hair microscopic mites of the genus “Demodex.”
  • Purim promotes natural elimination of toxins, cleanses the blood, and improves liver and the digestive system.
  • Purim antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, hepatoprotective, wound healing and antiallergic properties.

Most of the herbs included in its composition, used in the treatment of skin diseases and promote healing of wounds, when applied helminth infections, acute and chronic dermatitis, teenage acne, herpes, chronic dermatitis.

Allergy-free property: Purim has a beneficial effect in the treatment of pruritus without lesions associated with skin infections. Its hepato-protective property helps to improve liver function and removal of toxic metabolic products in various infections of the skin and internal organs.

Purim, thus, acts as a means of reducing toxins and impure elements. Purgative and anthelmintic of the drug useful for the elimination of acute manifestations of helminthic invasion. Thus, the components of the drug produced a synergistic effect – the influence on the organism actively interact with each other.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets two times a day if the doctor does not prescribe otherwise. In the morning for 1-2 hours before a meal. If persistent, difficult to treat infections can be combined with conventional treatment methods.

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