Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as diabetes, is a metabolic disease with elevated levels of blood sugar or blood glucose over a prolonged period of time. It happens either because the pancreas does not produce adequate amounts of insulin or the body does not respond well to the insulin produced. Symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, frequent urges to urinate, and an increase in the appetite.

The most common types of Diabetes are:
– Type 1 Diabetes: In this case, the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin
– Type 2 Diabetes: This is much more common and the cells in this case don’t respond to the insulin produced.
– Gestational Diabetes: It occurs when pregnant women develop high blood sugar levels.

There isn’t any known measure that could prevent the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. On the other hand, Type 2 diabetes, which accounts for around 90% of all the cases, can be prevented or delayed by engaging in physical exercise and consuming a healthy diet along with herbal supplements.

How Himalaya Diabecon helps?
Diabecon is an ayurvedic blend of over 30 herbs and minerals which provides gentle glycemic control. It is a phytopharmaceutical formulation and an ayurvedic proprietary medicine that works effectively against non-insulin-dependent, i.e. type 2 diabetes. It increases the peripheral utilization of glucose, thereby maintaining normal blood sugar levels. It helps to maintain the optimum level of cholesterol and triglycerides. Controlling the blood sugar levels by lowering glycated hemoglobin, it further diminishes microalbuminuria and the long term effects of diabetes and balances the lipid profile.

Prominent Ingredients:
– Gymnema sylvestre (Meshashringi)
– Shilajeet
– Pterocarpus marsupium (Pitasara)

Meshashringi is often called the destroyer of sugar. Its chief constituent, gymnemic acid has anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory properties and helps in reducing the excessive blood sugar. It further has a regenerative impact on pancreas that reduces the craving for sugar.

Pitasara is a source of epicatechin that exhibits alpha-glucosidase properties that regulates carbohydrate metabolism.

Shilajeet lowers the hepatic glucose formation and has a protective action on b cells, thereby promoting unrestricted insulin action.

– Reduces high glucose content in the blood
– Diminishes the long-term diabetic complications
– Modulates lipid profile
– Antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and anti-hyperglycemic properties
– Increases muscle glucagon content
– Elevates insulin secretion

Therapeutic Indications:

– Pre diabetes
– Freshly detected Type 2 diabetes
– Adjuvant therapy for Type 1 diabetes (Patients might still require other drugs)
– Other diabetic complications

Apart from diabetes, Diabecon is used for treating heart diseases, heartburn, cough, inflammation, nervous disorders, osteoarthritic pain, leprosy, hemorrhoids, fungal infections and bone metabolic disorders and isn’t known to possess any side effects if taken as per the directed dosage.

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