Let’s face it, when it comes to overall health; one of the most negligent area is our dental health. Apart from brushing once a day we don’t really focus much on our oral health which results in a lot of issues such as aching tooth, bleeding gums and cavities. It is absolutely necessary to take care of your dental hygiene as it has a direct effect on your over all health and neglecting your teeth, gums and tongue could have disastrous consequences on the body.

The market these days is flooded with various kinds of product that can be beneficial for your dental hygiene and they all promise instant result. Seldom do these products actually deliver any result and in most cases they are laden with chemicals that can deteriorate your teeth and gums. The ancient school of medicinal science, Ayurveda emphasis on taking care of your gums and teeth and recommends the usage of herbs such as neem and miswak for this reason.

As effective as they maybe it is not feasible for a person to use these herbs on a regular basis. To make things easier for you and to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy Himalaya herbals has a special range of dental products, one of which is Dental Cream. This beneficial toothpaste which is available on the online ayurvedic store has three key ingredients that are very useful not just to make sure that you have healthy teeth but to eliminate problems such as bad breath and germs. It has pomegranate fruit rind that has astringent, antibacterial and antioxidant properties which is especially useful in the treatment of dental plaque. It also contains neem that has been used by our ancestors for years to maintain total dental hygiene. The humble looking Neem bark possesses phenolic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The third special ingredient is miswak that is quite useful in the prevention of tooth decay.

It also reduces gum inflammation and stops gum bleeding. Altogether, this toothpaste has all the essential qualities to ensure you have strong teeth and gums and not have to worry about inflammation and bad breath. So, invest in healthy dental care of your entire family by purchasing Himalaya dental care today.