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Himalaya Ashwagandha: The Magical Indian Ginseng

India is a hub of herbal medicines. For centuries people have been using herbs as a method of treatment from standard to detrimental diseases. From the readily available Tulsi to Neem leafs; every herb has its own benefits. However, there… Continue Reading →

Why To Prefer Herbal Medicines Over Pharmaceutical Drugs?

It happens almost every time when you suggest someone to use a particular herbal or Ayurvedic medicine that a truckload of questioning replies follow regarding whether Herbal medicines are safe or not? Will there be any side effects of using… Continue Reading →

Why Is Himalaya Abana So Effective?

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare’s Abana Tablets are consumed by innumerable patients with high cholesterol/ triglycerides and hypertension. You can go through the entire list of benefits they have, but what makes this ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol so effective at improving heart… Continue Reading →

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