It happens almost every time when you suggest someone to use a particular herbal or Ayurvedic medicine that a truckload of questioning replies follow regarding whether Herbal medicines are safe or not? Will there be any side effects of using Ayurvedic medicines? Or who will be responsible if something bad happens? The views are often deceptive and polarizing. As it is said that “A little knowledge is severely dangerous than knowing nothing”, people lack adequate knowledge about herbal medicines. However most of the people don’t even care to cross-examine the overly trusted pharmaceutical medicines.

This pre-decisive belief needs to be revamped because Herbal medicines are more effective and safer than what they are thought of. People forget that herbal remedies are being followed since centuries whereas modern chems came significantly late into the picture. Furthermore, it is ironic that herbal meds are suspected of having side-effects more than pharma considering modern day drugs regardless of providing instant relief, have higher chances of agitation. As per the records, reports of kidney or liver failure due to excessive dosage of prescribed medicament is substantially more than of Ayurvedic medicines. This is because the pharma meds are made of synthetic materials which can be very harmful if over-consumed. On the other hand, the risk is remarkably lesser with natural stuff.

Though Ayurvedic medicines can also be chronic if not taken properly, for instance we have to avoid eating the liquid portion between leaf and the stem, even the slightest of guidance from a Vedic doctor is enough as compared to the strict and sometimes complicated procedure of dosage of pharma drugs. Economically too herbal medicines are affordable. Moreover, for long term ailments, it is always advised to take Ayurvedic treatments so as to steer clear of potentially harmful effects of medicament. So firstly understand the pros and cons of both Herbal and Pharma meds and then opt for the safest remedy.